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Glatfelter Launches Ultrathin Absorbent Core System

April 24, 2013

Features dual layer system.

Moving beyond traditional fluff core structures, airlaid manufacturer Glatfelter has used IDEA to launch an ultra thin core system designed for two-layer baby diapers and adult incontinence products. The system features an intermediate storage layer (iCore) taking care of rapid urine intake, distribution and intermediate containment before the urine gets absorbed by a high superabsorbent polymer containing absorbent layer (eCore).

The two layers can be easily combined on standard converting machines for diapers and incontinence products, replacing hammer mills and drum formers by simple unwinding or defestooning stations.The combined two layers are just about three millimeters thick providing textile properties with excellent softness and drape, allowing the design of ultra-thin diapers and garment-like incontinence products.
Despite more than 80% superabsorbent polymer content, the eCore provides surprising textile properties including thinness, flexibility, strength and a smooth surface.

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