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Bostik Unveils New Adhesive Innovations

April 23, 2013

Securance Low Tack and Zero Creep Avance highlighted at Bostik's booth.

Bostik has unveiled two new advances in hot melt hygiene adhesives at IDEA 2013.

The first is Securance Low Tack adhesive for Bostik’s feminine care and adult light incontinence platform. Securance Low Tack delivers superior bond performance, low residual tack, less add-on and no bleedthrough, even with the latest perforated top sheets says the company. It also delivers enhanced functionality by enabling the top sheet to remain open, which improves rewet performance for increased comfort and longer wear.

“This latest development offers a new level of flexibility and performance to feminine care and light adult incontinence producers, especially those using the latest perforated film top sheets,” says Courtney Korselt, Bostik global communications manager.

The next technology innovation on display at IDEA13 is ZeroCreep Avancé, which the company says marks a major step forward in the evolution of ZeroCreep’s elastic attachment technology. New ZeroCreep Avancé builds on the performance of ZeroCreep with advantages such as easier processing at lower application temperatures.

“This unique rubber-based adhesive, which is based on exclusive patented technology, delivers outstanding performance for the most challenging stress applications,” says Korselt. “ZeroCreep Avancé also delivers excellent cost-in-use value with add-on reduction that translates to lower adhesive use, reduced inventory and savings in energy and warehouse space.”

Bostik’s hygiene adhesive experts are available in Booth 1517 to provide market and trend insights and discuss details about the ways in which these latest adhesive advances and other Bostik innovations address industry challenges.

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