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Johns Manville launches the JM Insulation Project Guide for homeowners and professionals

April 4, 2013

Mobile tool makes insulation products and projects easy and understandable with videos, interactive tools and step-by-step instructions online and on mobile devices.

Johns Manville, a leading building products manufacturer, has launched the JM Insulation Project Guide, a mobile tool and website to guide homeowners and insulation professionals in selecting the best insulation products and installation practices to meet project needs.

The JM Insulation Project Guide takes site visitors through a simple four-step process to select, purchase and install JM insulation products. After selecting an area in the home—from basements to attics and everywhere in between—site visitors can add the room dimensions and input their ZIP code to take into account the local climate. From there, homeowners can choose to tackle the project themselves or find a qualified installer. The JM Insulation Project Guide will then generate suggested insulation products, the estimated amount of insulation products needed and any other tools and equipment that would be helpful.

"Whether you're a professional contractor or a savvy do-it-yourself homeowner, the JM Insulation Project Guide provides tips and tools for tackling a range of insulation projects," says Fred Stephan, vice president of Insulation Systems at Johns Manville. "JM offers one of the most complete lines of home insulation products and the JM Insulation Project Guide will help you select the best products to maximize the many benefits of insulation in your home."

With 46 million under-insulated homes in the U.S., according to the Harvard School of Public Health, the JM Insulation Project Guide will help homeowners and professionals tap into the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency of a home. The site provides a roadmap to a home with sound control, improved indoor air quality and fewer drafts.

Investing a little money into the home can equal big savings not only on energy bills but also during tax time, with the Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit. The credit of up to $500 can be applied to materials for energy-efficient home upgrades, such as insulation. The JM Insulation Project Guide links to an interactive map detailing this credit and other incentives available by state.

The JM Insulation Project Guide is accessible from any smartphone and does not require an application download. Visit to learn more.