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Texsus unveils new strategic plan

March 4, 2013

Texsus Spa has implemented a new strategic plan focused on European production expansion and on penetration in South America and Southeast Asia markets.

A €25 million investment in its Pistoia plant in Italy includes the construction of a new building over 10,000 square meters, which will provide space for a new airthrough bonding line fully equipped with an automatic packaging system.

The new airthrough bonding line has been engineered according to Texsus know-how to reach a high level of productivity for high grammage and multistructured ADLs says the comThe line will be used to further develop the new generation of ADL that Texsus has already launched in the market as Multifunctional Acquitex.

Also part of its expansion plan, Texsus will upgrade one of its existing airthrough bonding lines in order to better comply with the market’s request for soft topsheet. This line will be equipped with a proprietary system to obtain special embossing directly on the production line and will allow a further step in the development of Texsus Softex plain and embossed topsheet, which is already available in different designs and treatments.

Additionally, the company says it will add a third spooling line able to grant the largest European capacity of spooled ADL.

Texsus's European expansion will be completed in the fourth quarter this year and it will lead to an airthrough bonding production capacity of over 24,000 tons per year.

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