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Cloth cleaning wipes remove odors

January 17, 2013

Reviver wipes help user keep fresh on the go.

Available nationwide this month, Revivier wipes offer a new approach to keeping fresh on the go. Fast, effective and affordable, Reviver lets you instantly remove lingering odors from smoke, food or pets—even staleness from the gym, commute or workplace. It’s easy to use—Simply slide the Revivier sleeve over your fingers and rub it against your clothes and hair to release the wipe’s odor-neutralizing compounds and leave behind a just-laundered scent. You control the amount of freshness through the length and pressure of the application.

Each wipe comes in a resealable foil packet and delivers multiple treatments, reducing time-consuming trips to the dry cleaner or laundry and the resulting wear and tear on your clothes. The reusable wipes are easy to keep in a purse, pocket, car or desk, so you can get to wherever you’re going, fast, fresh and feeling confident.

Entrepreneur Ben Kusin invented Revivier to fill a void in the marketplace for easy, instant freshening. During a trip to a convenience store, Kusin realized he smelled like smoke, but when he scanned the shelves for something to fix the problem, he saw a variety of products to freshen breath, but none to freshen clothes and hair. After six years of research and development, Kusin formed Kusin & Kusin Ltd. and developed the patents-pending technology and design to create a product unlike any other.

“Everyone leads such busy lives these days and the REVIVER clothing wipe is the ultimate quick and effective solution to make sure consumers can get to their next engagement as fresh as when they started their day,” says Kusin, CEO of Kusin & Kusin.

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