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Huntsman offers alternatives to silicone softeners

December 19, 2012

Two new products target apparel and home textiles.

Huntsman Textile Effects launched two AEEA-free (amino-ethyl-ethanol-amine) alternatives for two of its key silicone softeners used in the manufacture of apparel and home textiles.

As part of Huntsman’s commitment to product stewardship and in line with updated Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) legislation, Huntsman has developed Megasoft JET-LF-01 and Megasoft CEC-01 which are AEEA-free alternatives to the existing Megasoft JET-LF and Megasoft CEC. The new products deliver the same levels of softness and are compatible with other chemicals that are used with existing products, which makes transition seamless for the customer.

Megasoft JET-LF-01 and Megasoft CEC-01 are the latest AEEA-free alternatives in addition to SAPAMINE® CSN which replaced Sapamine® CWS. Sapamine® CSN was launched two months back and has been well received by the industry.

“Product stewardship is the solid foundation of our business,” said Jay Naidu, global marketing director for Apparel, Huntsman Textile Effects. “We have taken a proactive approach to develop these two AEEA-free alternatives to enhance the safety of our products and are working with customers to help them make the transition.”

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