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Don & Low offer reflective nonwoven

May 15, 2012

Technology combines spunbond with reflective foils and metalized films.

Don & Low has developed a new range of nonwoven composite fabrics that combine spunbond nonwovens with innovative reflective foils and metallized films. These new fabrics offer a range of strong, flexible and durable reflective nonwovens that can be used for a variety of functional and decorative purposes 

The benefits offered by these reflective composites include: a low emissivity, reflective surface that acts as a radiant barrier to improve thermal insulation either to improve heat retention or alternatively to assist in keeping items cool and allows the passage of water vapour (breathable) whilst, at the same time, being water repellent

This new range of reflective nonwoven composites can be used as a flexible cover or wrap to keep items cool or, alternatively, keep them warm or s a decorative reflective material, white on one side and reflective on the other 


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