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Ahlstrom upgrades filtration technical center

February 2, 2012

Turin site equipped with various filtration testing and simulation.

Ahlstrom Corporation has completed significant upgrades to its Global Filtration Technical Center in Turin, Italy. Ahlstrom has been investing in testing and processing equipment in its Global Filtration Technical Center in Turin during the last year. Now the state-of-the-art technical center is equipped with various filtration testing and simulation equipment. Testing can be carried out as finished filters or flat sheet configuration and the testing facility focuses on research and development for all transportation, air and liquid filtration applications.

In addition to the several filtration testing equipment, the center provides access to pleaters and processing equipment in order to build prototypes and simulate real life filtration conditions in order to achieve the specific performance needed for filtration norms and applications.

Investments made at the Technical Center offer support and expertise knowhow to all Ahlstrom global customers. “Our investment to the testing and development facility is yet another example of our commitment to the filtration market. We are now better equipped to collaborate with our customers and work together to develop the next generation filtration ideas,“ states Tommi Björnman, executive vice president, Filtration.

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