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Nordson shows foaming technology at Filtration

November 16, 2011

Systems combine adhesives with inert gas.

Nordson solutions help improve processes such as bonding, sealing, gasketing and laminating in automated industrial and consumer filter production. For materials including polyamides, PSAs or other high-performance products, Nordson systems dispense solid or foamed materials to reduce manufacturing costs, improve product performance and make production more efficient. At Filtration 2011, Nordson is featuring its foaming technology as well as the EX and EEX extruders.
Nordson foaming systems combine hot melt adhesives or sealants with inert gas to create a closed-cell foam. The gas content can be up to 50% by volume, so up to 50% reduction in adhesive consumption. In addition to material savings, foamed material provides several performance benefits including increased bond strength, reduced running and sagging, improved gap filling, increased open times, faster set times, and lower heat density.
Nordson foaming technology, such as SureFoam and Ultra FoamMix systems, easily integrates into existing production lines and delivers a quick payback.
Closed, melt-on-demand systems, Nordson EX and EEX extruders process only the adhesive immediately needed for production. The closed system and graduated heating process help improve bonding and preserve material properties, particularly beneficial for the high-temperature hot melt and polyamide adhesives used in filter manufacture. With a relatively fast heat-up time and self-cleaning design, EX and EEX extruders are low maintenance and flexible.