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Hollingsworth & Vose presents two new media types at Filtration

November 16, 2011

NanoWave pocket media and Inviscint hydraulic media expands already impressive range

Hollingsworth & Vose presented two new filtration media products at Filtration —NanoWave HVAC Pocket Media and Inviscint Hydraulic Filter Media. NanoWave is a synthetic alternative to glass mat media that offers increased sustainability and high discharge efficiency. Produced with a single-polymer, the media’s stiff design results in enhanced processability and creates rigid pockets for filters. With low pressure drop and high dust-holding capacity, the media fits a broad range of HVAC applications. Charged NanoWave is also offered, which provides increased submicron particle retention, as well as higher MERV classifications.
The new Inviscint Hydraulic Filter Media combines peak performance with incredibly low pressure drop.New Inviscint media reduces fluid flow restriction by up to 50%.It cuts overall system energy requirements while delivering increased reliability, less maintenance, and longer life for filters and hydraulic systems.Inviscint is designed as the next-generation media for construction, agriculture, and industrial equipment.End users looking for optimal energy savings and system performance should consider Inviscint filter media.
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