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Filtration conference continues tomorrow

November 16, 2011

Panel will discuss issues in air filtration.

The Filtration 2011 conference will continue tomorrow with a session called Charged vs. Mechaical Filtraton, a Panel Discussion. Moderated by Jay Forucci of Nanostatics Corporation, panel members will include Robert Burkhead of Blue Heaven Technologies, Don Thornburg, of Camfil Farr, Phil Winters, director of product development, Filtration Grup LLC and Garry Panborn, sales manager of Freudenberg Filtration Technologies.
These four leading industry experts will discuss one of the major issues associated with the current air filtration market.The panel will initially provide a general introduction to the issue, the benefits of “Charged” filtration products, the benefits of “Mechanical” filtration products, and the method by which the current nationally and internationally recognized standards are evaluating and rating filter performance associated with this issue.After these brief presentations the panel will be open to questions from the audience.

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