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Santa Diapers: Next up from Huggies

October 12, 2011

Holiday designs are the next look for baby's bottoms.

Huggies Santa diapers are the latest limited diapers being launched by Kimberly-Clark.The diapers, featuring jolly holiday designs, and their coordinating wipes will be available nationwide October through December. They offer the same trusted leakage protection and design found in the Huggies Little Movers diapers.
In conjunction with this launch, Huggies will donate more than 22.5 million diapers to the Every Little Bottom program to help diaper babies in need.

"This holiday season, Huggies is allowing parents to celebrate with their little one in a fun and festive way while also focusing in on the message of giving," says Erik Seidel, vice president, Huggies brand. "As a leading diaper brand committed to raising awareness of diaper need in North America, Huggies is encouraging parents to contribute to this cause by purchasing the limited-edition Huggies Santa Diapers and Holiday Wipes. Together we can ensure that every baby in North America has one of the most essential products they need - diapers."

Huggies previously donated to the Every Little Botton program with the limited edition launch of its jeans style denim diapers this summer.

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