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Poole Company gets recycled content certifications

September 6, 2011

The company's Ecosure is a staple fiber made from 100% PCR PET flake.

Poole Company, a manufacturer and distributor of recycled and virgin fiber products, announced that Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) has completed the evaluation of Poole Company's EcoSure and EcoSure Wellstrand fibers manufactured in South Carolina and China. Based on the renewal evaluation, these products have fully qualified for certification under the SCS Recycled Content Certification Program.

Michael Wolfe, director of business development, environmental certification service at SCS, says, "There are very few fiber manufacturers that are currently certified by SCS for recycled content in the PET category – four in the world to be exact. By taking plastic drink bottles destined for a landfill and recycling them into quality fiber is an innovative and creative vision." He continues, "SCS applauds Poole Company for proactively filling this niche in the industry and offering consumers and suppliers sustainable alternatives to virgin fibers."

EcoSure is a staple fiber made from 100% PCR PET flake. Made for the environmentally-conscious consumer, EcoSure quality fibers reduce the amount of waste that burdens landfills and diminishes earth's natural resources. Studies from NAPCOR determined that the use of PCR polyester fiber versus virgin polyester fiber reduces energy consumption by 84% and greenhouse gas emissions by 71%.

EcoSure PET fibers are used in numerous types of apparel, hosiery, hygiene, fiberfill, and industrial industries. From shirts and sheets to wipes and scrub pads, retailers select EcoSure as their quality, sustainable, certified staple fiber.

Poole Company is headquartered in Greenville, SC, USA, and has a 400,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Johnsonville, SC. In addition, the company has operations in India and China.

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