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Winner gets Cotton Mark license

August 22, 2011

Recognizes use of US-grown cotton in disposables and nonwovens.

Winner Medical Group, a Chinese manufacturer of medical dressings, medical disposables and nonwoven fabric made from 100% natural PurCotton products, was granted the Cotton USA Mark license by Cotton Council International for its PurCotton products, which use and contain 100% U.S.-grown cotton.

According to CCI, all licensed products must contain at least 50% US-grown cotton out of the cotton content with superior quality and reasonable selling price if sold outside the US and 100% of the cotton must be made from US cotton fiber if sold in the US. After a long series of stringent verification and inspection process by Wakefield Inspection Services Ltd, one of the most famous independent inspection companies in the world specializing in the classification of cotton, Winner Medical was verified and recognized for using 100% US cotton in its PurCotton branded medical and consumer products, not only making the company one of the few which may use Cotton USA Mark internationally, but more important, the only company in China which may use Cotton USA Mark for products sold in the U.S. market, echoing the CCI's slogan as "Look for the Cotton USA Mark only on quality pure cotton products."

Jianquan Li, chief executive officer and director at Winner Medical comments, "We are excited to become the only domestic licensee that may use Cotton USA Mark in the Chinese market and overseas markets; such recognition represents the quality, versatility and value of our products. With growing majorities of consumers perceiving U.S. cotton-containing finished goods to be more durable, comfortable and stylish, our group would be able to deepen the expansion of international medical market and consumer market in China for PurCotton products, while further enhancing our partnership with CCI."

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