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Yuhan-Kimberly honored for corporate culture

July 27, 2011

The joint venture is again one of Korea's 'Most Admired' companies.

Yuhan-Kimberly, a joint venture between Kimberly-Clark and Yuhan Corporation, a leading personal care consumer goods company in Korea, has received recognition for its strong corporate culture and for being a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Korean Management Consulting Association recently named Yuhan-Kimberly a "Great Work Place in Korea" and one of "Korea's Most Admired Companies 2011."

In being recognized as a great place to work, the Korean Management Consulting Association surveyed 4,869 industrial workers and 357 human resource management experts in Korea to find companies with the best working environment. This year, Yuhan-Kimberly ranked No. 3 among the top 30 manufacturing companies. In the industrial category, Yuhan-Kimberly kept its top position in consumer packaged goods companies for the fourth consecutive year.

"We offer the life-long learning program to employees to enhance their work capability and competencies," says MyungSik Song, vice president of human resources and management support for Yuhan-Kimberly. "In Korea, Yuhan-Kimberly is well-known for its innovation-driven management and family-friendly corporate culture where we warmly embrace all employees as a big family, including their family members."

The company often is cited as a successful model where flexible working hours and considerate care of employees and their family members resulted in great employee job satisfaction, which helped to drive up overall productivity. With the introduction of company-wide flexible work schedules, it is striving to create family-friendly corporate culture. In addition, it encourages employees to wear casual clothes to be more comfortable at work with higher focus on their job and plans to introduce a smart office system in the near future.

Leadership in CSR
Yuhan-Kimberly also is known as a responsible steward of the environment with its environmental protection campaign called "Keep Korea Green," and has been active in environment-related corporate social activities. Yuhan-Kimberly plans to plant and nurture 50 million trees through the 30th anniversary of the campaign in 2014.

These are the kinds of efforts that led to Yuhan-Kimberly receiving the Minister of Environment Award in recognition of its commitment to the preservation of the environment and the eco-system at the 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Korea awards (CSR Korea Award), sponsored by the Korea Journalists Forum. Yuhan-Kimberly also won the Social Contribution award sponsored by Dong-a Ilbo, one of Korea's major newspapers, at the awards event.

'Most Admired' for eighth consecutive year
Earlier this year, the company was selected as one of "Korea's Most Admired Companies 2011." Some 10,000 consumers, security analysts and management officials from the industrial sector participated in the 2011 "Most Admired Companies in Korea" survey conducted by Korea Management Consulting Association. Yuhan-Kimberly ranked third in the "All Star" category, which included all Korean companies. As a result, Yuhan-Kimberly has been selected as an "All Star" for eight consecutive years since the survey started in 2004.

"In Korea, the corporate reputation and image affects business results dramatically and Yuhan-Kimberly's positive corporate image in the Korean market is a valuable intangible asset," says KyooBok Choe, president and CEO of Yuhan-Kimberly. "The result of the survey reflects our consumer's trust in our company and products and we will continue to maintain our good reputation and business performance in Korea."

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