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ES Fibervisions' Bounce Fibers At INDEX

April 18, 2011

PTC technology offer bulkiness and resilience to nonwovens.

ES Fibervisions was at INDEX to introduce PTC Bounce fibers. These bicomponent PTC polypropylene (PP) fibers with a polyester (PET) core were specifically developed by the world-leading bicomponent fiber specialist for customers who use ultrasonic welding to bond nonwovens.

The PET core gives PTC Bounce-based nonwovens excellent bulkiness and resilience, while the PP sheath provides excellent bonding capabilities to the fiber. The design of the PP sheath, made possible with FiberVisions’ expertise in PP monocomponent fibers, offers a broad bonding window. The high melting point of PET compared to the melting point of the PP sheath further increases the bonding temperature range and provides high heat sealing performance. The high bond strength and ultrasonic bonding from the PP sheath allows the elimination of chemical binders in nonwovens and consumer products.

The performance of the nonwoven is further enhanced by ES Fibervisions’ advanced finish technology suited to the end application. For example, a PTC fiber with an appropriate finish has outstanding liquid acquisition performance.

PTC Bounce fibers are currently available in 2.2 – 6.7 dtex. Various aspects of the fibers are customizable to the needs of the application and customer processes. The benefits of PTC Bounce open up new performance possibilities for hygiene acquisition distribution layers, filters, household products, medical products, and other air-through (oven) bonded products, as well as in carded thermal bonded products.

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