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Dow Unveils Soft Touch at INDEX

April 13, 2011

Resins offers softness to spunbond.

The Dow Chemical Company Soft Touch polypropylene resin is a family of breakthrough single-pellet resin solutions for the efficient production of mono-component spunbond nonwoven fabrics that exhibit remarkable softness and drape while retaining the physical properties of polypropylene nonwoven fabrics.
Responding to consumer desire for softer fabrics in absorbent hygiene products and medical nonwovens, Dow's first product in the new Dow Soft Touch polypropylene resin family, DC 543 developmental polypropylene resin, was unveiled at INDEX.

Nonwoven fabrics made with Soft Touch PP resin overcome challenges such as higher costs of operational complexity through a single pellet solution that can be used in existing mono-spunbond lines. The new resin solutions offer noticeably improved comfort for end-users of nonwoven products in the form of tactile softness, improved drape (ductile softness) and a reduction in noise intensity.

Soft Touch PP resin also offers key physical properties that until now have been a challenge to achieve in combination with breakthrough softness. The resin has a low bonding temperature and a broad bonding window for processing efficiency and flexibility. It also offers tensile properties comparable to polypropylene and excellent abrasion resistance for low linting and fuzzing in the final nonwoven article.

"Dow is committed to meeting brand owner and converter needs by closely monitoring global trends and constantly developing new products to address market needs," said Carlos Ruiz, global market director for Dow's Health & Hygiene business. "The new single-pellet Dow Soft Touch PP resin also enables the production of excellent, cost-effective nonwoven fabrics in mono-spunbond lines."

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