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DuPont Posts 4Q Results

February 1, 2011

DuPont's fourth quarter sales reach $7.4 billion.

DuPont closed its fourth quarter with sales of $7.4 billion, an increase of 15% from the prior year, driven by 12% higher volume and 6% higher local prices, a 2% reduction from currency rates and a 1% reduction from portfolio changes.

In the Safety and Protection segment, sales increased 13% to $900 million, an increase of 13%, reflecting higher volume. Growth reflects increased demand for aramid and nonwoven products due to the continued recovery in industrial markets and strong demand across all regions.

In the Performance Materials segment, sales increased 11% to $1.6 billion, reflecting 9% higher volume and a 5% increase in selling prices, partly offset by a 3% portfolio change. The higher volume reflects double-digit growth in Asia Pacific and North America. Segment PTOI was $206 million, an improvement of $32 million, resulting from a $31 million combined benefit from an acquisition and an early termination of a supply agreement. The impact of higher volume was offset by a weaker overall sales mix and increased raw material costs.

"The fourth quarter was a strong finish to an outstanding year. We laid the groundwork for recovery in 2009 and executed with precision and effectiveness in 2010, meeting and often exceeding our business goals and financial commitments, some a full year early,” said DuPont chair and CEO Ellen Kullman. “We continue to differentiate DuPont through sustainablegrowth, disciplined execution and ongoing productivity coupled with science-powered innovation to address population megatrends around food, energy and protection.”