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Hollingsworth & Vose Co. Introduces Two Breakthrough Products

December 1, 2010

Next generation hydraulic filter media, molecular filter media debut.

At Filtration 2010, Hollingsworth & Vose Company (H&V) launched two breakthrough products: Next generation hydraulic filter media and molecular filter media.

H&V held two presentations atFiltraton 2010 to introduce its new products.In its presentation for its new hydraulic filter media, H&V said,"Get the hyrdraulic filter performance you need--with the pressure drop you dream of. Reduce fluid flow restriction by 50% in a 10-micron media. Cut overall system energy requirements while delivering increased reliabililty, less maintenance, and longer life for filters and pumps.

In its second presentation for molecular filter media,H&V said, Get molecular and particulate filtration combined in one revolutionary, patentedtechnology for air and fluid filtration."

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