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Dilo Touts Range Of Products

December 1, 2010

Dilo highlights its needlelooms and crosslappers, Spinnbau carding machines and airlay equipment.

Dilo is a supplier of Dilo needlelooms and crosslappers, Spinnbau carding machines and airlay equipment as well as Temafa opening/blending lines used in the manufacture of nonwoven fabrics, including the design and engineering of complete production lines for all staple fiber nonwoven processes and end uses.

Dilo presented itsline solutions throughout the speed range from below 80 m/min to 200 m/min (as defined by web transfer speed from card to lapper) depending on the application. Feeder, card, lapper and needleloom components differ depending on the relevant operating speed and fabric end use.

The Alpha line is designed for medium throughput speeds up to 80m/min and represents a compact and economic solution, which can be applied to filtration fabrics. Components in this case are Alpha Feed, Alpha Card, Dilo-Layer DLA and the Alpha model series of

The Dilo Textile Technology Centre in Eberbach, Germany offers three complete lines for customer product development work and to assist with the optimum choice of components and individual machines for a new line.