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Avgol To Invest In Two New Reicofil Lines

November 3, 2010

One line will be installed at Mocksville, NC.

Avgol will invest up to $80 million for two new 4.2-meter Reicofil lines. One line will be installed at Mocksville, NC, that site's fourth spunmelt machine.

The project will also prepare for line five at Mocksville by adding an extra 30,000 square feet of space which will initially be used as extra storage space for finished goods. This will increase storage capacity to over 3000 metric tons of finished goods inventory and will increase the Mocksville capacity to over 60,000 metric tons.

The line will produce commercial product late in the second quarter of 2012, if not sooner.

The second line will most likely be in China or Russia, where Avgol already has successful operations. This line will have a similar commercial timeline as the Mocksville expansion.

In other news, Avgol will upgrade its fourth line in Israel by adding a new meltblown beam to increase its quality and efficiency and and add SMS capabilities to that line.This upgrade will be complete in mid-2011.

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