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SCA Starts Carbon-Neutral Distribution in the Netherlands

August 10, 2010

Collaboration project Green Care Transport launched with transporters.

SCA is determined to become the first retail supplier in the Netherlands to distribute all of its retail hygiene products in a 100% CO2-neutral way. To achieve this, the company has started a collaboration project named Green Care Transport.

“The primary aim of the collaboration is to reduce the CO2 emissions for all transport by using reduction targets, a program of action for transporters, and by investing in sustainable energy projects,” said Riny Strik, regional director of business logistics for SCA’s hygiene operations in the Benelux.

“We would like to encourage more transporters, suppliers and retailers to start using the Green Care Transport program,”said Mr. Strik. “Now we have CO2 reduction targets and a program of action in place. As part of this program, existing CO2 registration process will be used to track the activities planned.”

Included in the program are processes such as the optimization of efficient motors, aerodynamics and driver training, all of which will result in lower fuel emissions and – therefore – lower CO2 emissions.

SCA and its transporters will offset the remaining emissions by investing in sustainable energy projects – in collaboration with the Climate Neutral Group and in accordance with WWF:s Gold Standard – such as a windmill park in Turkey or Taiwan, which will make one hundred percent CO2-neutral transport a reality.

The new distribution process will have a positive effect on the environment and additionally, transport costs will drop as a result of the optimization of truck loading and the limitation of unnecessary empty transports.

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