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SCA Trots Out Earnings

August 5, 2010

Net sales for six months decreased 3% from same period a year ago.

SCA reported that net sales for the six months from January to June decreased 3% from the same period a year ago to $7 billion. Profit before tax, excluding restructuring costs increased 12% to $54 million. Profit for the period, excluding restructuring costs, rose 10% to $391 million.

Sales of Personal Care products decreased 5% during the six month period compared with the same period a year ago. Operating profit was $204 million, a decrease of 2% from a year ago. Profit was favorably affected by higher volumes for incontinence and feminine care products and lower raw material costs. Higher marketing costs had a negative effect on earnings.

Net sales during the second quarter of 2010, excluding the effect of exchange rate movements, rose 6% compared with the same period a year ago. Net sales of Personal Care products in the second quarter 2010 decreased 3% to $879 million compared with the same period in 2009.

Sales of Tena brand incontinence care products increased 5% in the second quarter 2010, excluding exchange rate effects. Sales of baby diapers decreased 8% in the second quarter 2010. Sales of feminine care products rose 7% in the second quarter, excluding exchange rate effects.

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