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Aptra Cited as Key Component in Healthcare Garments Used By Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health

April 26, 2010

RKW to tout benefits this week.

RKW US, Inc. is highlighting its Aptra microporous film protection against viral penetration and blood borne pathogens in hygiene and medical applications at IDEA10.

Morris Collins, president, RKW, US, Inc., said, “We developed the Aptra film technology with the confidence and long-term vision that our films would have multiple global applications in the hygiene, sterile medical,military, industrial and packaging segments.We’re pleased the Aptra technology aids in disease protection and meets a wide range of end-use application needs.”

Aptra Classic is lightweight, breathable microporous polypropylene film used in diverse medical and hygiene applications where demonstrable ability to resist blood borne pathogen ASTM F-1670 and viral penetration ASTM-F1671 is required. When used in a composite material, Aptra can be laminated to a wide variety of substrates such as thermally bonded carded web and spun bonded nonwovens among other configurations by point bonding with a heated calendar, sonic bonding, heat sealing and with spray adhesives. Consequently, Aptra Classic is used in the medical and healthcare industry in disposable garments, mattress covers, seat covers, patient curtains, urinary, waste and laundry bags, transdermal patches and bandages as well as in the bio-hazardous environment and chemical industries.

Aptra UV8 is a lightweight, UV stabilized, water resistant, non-abrasive polypropylene film with excellent bonding, barrier and degradation properties. Used as a composite in outdoor applications, breathable Aptra UV8 resists molds, mildews and produces less ash when incinerated. End-use applications include roofing underlayment; automotive covers, protective clothing, house wrap and other applications in the industrial maintenance, petrochemical, nuclear, packaging, and construction industries.

“Aptra films are a critical component in the Provent 10,000 garments used by our customers at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and National Institutes of Health (NIH) for protection against viral and blood-borne diseases such as H1N1 and HIV," said George Kappler, CEO of Kapper Inc., a global manufacturer and designer of protective garments.

All raw materials used in Aptra Classic and Aptra UV8 microporous films are FDA approved for incidental or direct contact or both. The films are produced exclusively in North America for RKW US, Inc. in an ISO 9001 plant.

RKW US, Inc. is a subsidiary of RKW SE, a leading supplier of films for the hygiene, medical, industrial, packaging, and agricultural markets. RKW SE is also a major supplier of PP spunbond and RKW HyJet, hydroentangled spunbond nonwovens. RKW HyJet is a new technology that combines traditional spunbond with the properties of a spunlace.

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