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New Website for Leigh Fibers

January 14, 2010 shows solutions for diverting waste from landfills.

Leigh Fibers, Inc. has launched a new website — — that showcases its solutions for diverting waste from landfills and converting it into useful materials for applications as diverse as bedding, automotive components and erosion control.The company has over 150 grades of natural and synthetic fibers, textile by-products, technical fibers, shoddy and recycled carpet and turns it into standard and specialized blends that meet the needs of customers in a variety of markets.

The easy-to-navigate site highlights Leigh's expertise in reprocessing, tollwork, destroying counterfeit and contraband merchandise, salvaging damaged textiles (from fire, chemical spills, etc.), trading, and waste stream management. Visitors can also find Leigh's certifications and affiliations, as well as descriptions of the company's facilities and global activities. The site also features the latest company news and events (e.g., trade shows), and a collection of recycling facts of interest both to industry and to the general public.

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