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EDANA Launches Hygiene-Focused Website

January 11, 2010 communicates benefits of disposables.

EDANA has launched a new website ( to shareinformation about personal care products and the role they have and continue to play in today’s society. The site offers information about the products, and is presented by product user, allowing visitors to quickly and easily navigate the site.

Information about baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, incontinence products and personal care wet wipes is presented. Also included within the dedicated product pages is information about what contribution they make to the well being of both individuals and our society at large, how they have changed to reduce environmental impact and what life was like before they were available.

This site was produced by members of EDANA who are supporters of the Right for Hygiene Programme; a pan-European activity to communicate the benefits of absorbent hygiene products and personal care wet wipes.

“The newly launched resource on the ‘Right for Hygiene’ provides both easily accessibleinformation and detailed reports and factsheets about products that are widely used and so much a part of everyday life that they are taken for granted by millions of people around the world,"said Abby Bailey, director of marketing and communications for EDANA.

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