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Parkinson Saves Big With Energy Conservation

November 16, 2009

Simple steps add up to $25K annual savings.

Parkinson Technologies is on track to save $25,000 per year through a series of simple steps and the implementation of an energy conservation program.

“These savings directly affect our bottom line,” said Ken Cavanagh, Parkinson’s vice president of technology and product development. “We are just getting started and we already have seen significant results.”

In June 2009, Parkinson entered into a partnership with CPower, a New York-based energy management firm, to analyze power usage and identify ways to conserve. Parkinson installed a power monitor and it wasn’t long before the information it provided identified numerous ways the company could save electricity.

Based on the reports, Parkinson implemented several initiatives including: modifying the programming of its HVAC system; programming the compressor to shut off during non-working hours; establishing rules for powering up and powering down in the shop and powering down the company’s in-house label panel overnight and on weekends.

It was determined that these steps alone could save Parkinson over $15,000 a year and that was only the beginning. Evaluation also showed the company could save another $10,000 a year or more by following some other simple procedures including: turning off lights in offices unoccupied for 10 minutes or more; turning lights, projectors and computers in company conference rooms when unoccupied; turning off lights in the archive room cafeteria and lavatories; unplugging any unused transformers and turning off computers, adding machines and speakers at the end of each work day.

“We are excited about the results of this program,” said Mr. Cavanagh. “We can and will do more to reduce our energy usage. it benefits us, the environment and our customers as well, since we ultimately pass on some of the savings to them.”