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P&G Unveils Thinner Diaper Design

September 28, 2009

Sustainability efforts to reduce diaper weights, provide clean drinking water.

As part of a recently announced sustainability commitment, Procter & Gamble has unveiled a new diaper design that is 20% slimmer than before without sacrificing performance. The new design features reduction in key environmental indicators like global warming potential and will reduce the weight of a billion less diapers every three years.

The sustainability commitment is part of P&G's new Future Friendly program, a natural resource educational initiative that will target millions of U.S. households by Earth Day 2010. Future Friendly is a multibrand program that inspires and educates consumers on how to make sustainable choices that can have a positive impact on the environment. As part of this pledge, the company will provide conservation education to at least 50 million U.S. households during the year.

P&G also committed to provide four billion liters of clean drinking water in the developing world through the Children's Safe Drinking Water program by 2012. This will save an estimated 20,000 lives and prevent an estimated 160 million days of diarrheal illness. As part of this effort, P&G will create an awareness campaign to reach at least 300 million people and will significantly expand its efforts to provide safe drinking water to people living with AIDS through new programs by AED, AMPATH, CARE, Child Fund International, FHI, FXB, International Council of Nurses, PSI, UNC- Chapel Hill Medical School, Village AIDS Clinics, and World Vision by providing at least 250 million liters of safe drinking water to this vulnerable population.
P&G announced the two commitments at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

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