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June 1, 2009

Elsner Engineering Works, Inc. has recently designed and built a new Rewinder for the filtration industry. The Elsner Model AFW-24 Adsorbent Filter Winder is designed to produce reactive plastic filter cartridges in an automatic manner, with limited operator intervention. The AFW is capable of producing one to three filters at a time with a total width of 24 inches or less and finished filter diameters from two and three-quarter inches up to eight inches. The machine uses a five station turret as_sembly to produce a filter that is cylindrical in shape, controlling the orientation of the leading edge of material to the

trailing edge position. The Elsner Model AFW is designed to accommodate material thickness of up to .082 inches. Automatic web tension is provided to maintain proper web tensioning through_out the winding process.

In addition to the winding of the filter, the Elsner Model AFW Adsorbent Filter Winder is designed to insert a length of foam, cut and fed from a mill roll, into the trailing edge of the filter. After foam insertion, the machine seals the filter with an overwrap film. The over-wrap film covers the finished filter with an operator-adjustable number of wraps; then seals the trailing edge of the film to complete the product.

Larry Fischer, regional sales manager, said, We are excited about this new venture into the filtration market. The filtration industry has tremendous growth potential and El_sner is ready to meet the challenging de_mands of new materials and processes to grow along with it.


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