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Core Adapters

Published May 1, 2009
CAC (Converter Accessory Corporation) is offering new core adapters with the companyís proven COR-LOK core support technologies. The system uses sleeve-based technology featuring CACís unique split bushing locking design. COR-LOK core adapters operate to handle core sizes from two to 18 inches in diameter (three and six inches being the most popular).

According to Jeff Damour, CACís engineering manager, COR-LOK core ad_apters are effective with virtually all types of air shafts and thru shafts. CACís unique split bushing design clamps and releases quickly and easily. It holds the core adapter securely in place and will not mark or damage the air shaft or thru shaft support.

ďCACís new COR-LOK core adapters offer our customers a cost effective, simple answer to a potentially difficult problem. When the need arises to run larger core diameters than a particular unwind or rewind setup can handle, CAC COR-LOK core adapters can be used to effectively handle those larger cores.Ē Mr. Damour said.