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Fiberweb Showcases Typar System

January 20, 2009

Complete weather system on display at builders' show.

Fiberweb’s complete Typar  Weather Protection System will be on display in the Typar weather protection booth  during this year’s International Builders’ Show next week in Las Vegas. The display will include Typar  HouseWrap; MetroWrap for commercial applications; StormWrap, an impact-resistant housewrap for extreme weather areas; and Typar RoofWrap, a high-performing roofing underlayment, as well as a variety of flashing options and construction tape.
Collectively, the system acts as a barrier for wind-driven rain, bulk water and air that may penetrate exterior cladding. When moisture infiltrates the exterior finish, Typar weather-resistant barriers work in conjunction with integrated flashing to guide water back to the exterior. This reduces the risk of water intrusion that can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which degrade indoor air quality.
“A weather-resistant barrier system that integrates compatible flashing and tape is critical in high performance building as it can reduce the damaging impact and energy-robbing effects of moisture and air intrusion,” said Bob Dahl, Business director of Typar Construction Products. “The Typar Weather Protection System is a cost-effective option for builders to help build healthy, high-performing, sustainable buildings. We are truly excited to have the system on display under one roof for the building community at the International Builders’ Show.”
To demonstrate the strength of StormWrap, the newest Typar weather-resistant barrier, a simulation of the Miami-Dade County large missile impact test will be utilized at the booth. Using a high-powered pitching machine, attendees can launch baseballs at various speeds against StormWrap and other leading housewraps to test their resistance to flying debris penetration.
Typar StormWrap will also be featured in the BUILDER Living Home at the International Builders’ Show. The show home offers a glimpse into the near future of homebuilding by combining the efficiencies of factory-built construction, lifestyle-driven design and a comprehensive approach to mainstream green building products and practices.

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