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Ahlstrom To Unveil Embroidery Backings

December 2, 2008

New eco-friendly wetlaid product line to meet strict requirements.

Plans are underway at Ahlstrom to launch a new line of environmentally friendly nonwoven apparel fabrics. The fabrics, which have been specially engineered for use as embroidery backings, will be available starting in the first quarter of 2009. The products are expected to broaden Ahlstrom’s range for the clothing industry and reinforce its position as a leading supplier of wetlaid embroidery backings in North America and Europe.

A nonwoven backing is used on the back of fabrics to stabilize the sewing process when a logo or emblem is embroidered on a garment. Ahlstrom embroidery backings meet stringent international requirements concerning formaldehyde, which are the Japanese Ministry Ordinance Legislation JMO 112 (absorbency <0.05) and its European equivalent EDANA Method for Free Formaldehyde I 210.1-99 (<20ppm). The new materials are free of APE (alkyl phenol ethoxylate). Additionally, Ahlstrom will increase its sustainability by using a significant percentage of post-consumer recycled fibers when manufacturing these as well as other apparel fabrics.

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