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Ahlstrom Splits Nonwovens Business

June 25, 2008

Separates wipes from food, medical and industrial.

Ahlstrom Corporation, a leading supplier of fiber-based materials, is dividing its current Nonwovens Business Area into two parts to reflect the strong growth of Ahlstrom's Nonwovens business, especially in the wiping fabrics.
The new Business Areas will be named Home & Personal Nonwovens, covering mainly the former wipes product line, and Advanced Nonwovens, incorporating the food, medical and industrial Nonwovens businesses. The changes will take effect as from July 1, 2008.
The split will also allow the new Advanced Nonwovens Business Area to free resources and focus on profitable growth in high-value market segments.
Changes in the Corporate Executive Team will be made accordingly. Jean-Marie Becker, will be appointed Senior Vice President, Home & Personal Nonwovens and member of the Corporate Executive Team. He has a long experience in the Nonwovens industry and has been at Ahlstrom's service since 1980. Senior vice president Claudio Ermondi, who has previously led the Nonwovens Business Area, will take the responsibility for the Advanced Nonwovens Business Area and continue as member of the corporate executive team.
The reorganization has no effect on Ahlstrom's segment reporting, which continues to be reported in two parts: Fiber Composites and Specialty Papers. The two new Business Areas belong to the Fiber Composites segment.
As a result of the reorganization, Ahlstrom will have six Business Areas: Filtration, Advanced Nonwovens, Home & Personal Nonwovens, Glass Nonwovens, Technical Papers, and Release & Label Papers. Ahlstrom discloses quarterly net sales figures for each Business Area.

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