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March 20, 2008

Nonwovens growth continues in this area.

With increase in range of infectious diseases and regulations put into effect in healthcare and hospital facilities, nonwovens has emerged as a goldmine for roll manufacturers fuelled by consumer demand, according to a new report published by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Nonwoven disposables are rapidly making inroads into the medical sector, principally driven by growing consumer awareness against spread of infectious diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis. The stringent standards being imposed by various regulatory agencies globally are also impacting the use of nonwovens positively. Though the medical market is increasingly moving towards non-invasive surgeries, overall impact on the nonwoven disposables market remains miniscule. Not surprisingly, nonwovens industry is witness to developments of new manufacturing, compound and finishing processes. Consumer demand higher protective apparel largely influences production of nonwoven materials.

The U.S. is the largest medical nonwovens market in the world and is projected to exceed $3.4 billion by the year 2010, according to the report titled Medical Nonwoven Disposables: A Global Strategic Business Report. With volume of sophisticated hi-tech surgical intervention growing rapidly, Europe is projected to experience high growth in medical nonwovens sector in the coming years. Alternatively, Asia-Pacific offers massive potential in the long run largely driven by some of the fastest growing global economies, including China and India. A large consumer base in these countries coupled with improving healthcare system and safety awareness bodes well for the medical nonwovens disposables market. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing medical nonwovens market and is projected to register a CAGR of more than 5% during the 2000-2010 period.

About 3.3 billion square yards of nonwoven material is used in medical and surgical applications in North America alone. This indicates the potential of the market lying ahead and opens up newer avenues for the producers. Aging population worldwide is also fueling demand for medical nonwovens disposables. The old age is characterized by increased incidences of acute diseases, necessitating the need for more number of surgical procedures. Nonwovens disposables are more preferred in such procedures due to higher safety and usage convenience. As the population of old people continues to grow alarmingly throughout the world, surgical procedures using nonwoven disposables such as surgical gloves, masks, and adult diapers are also expected to multiply.

Among product segments, surgical nonwoven products market is the largest and the fastest growing segment and is projected to cross $5.0 billion by the year 2010, at a CAGR of about 5%. Though the medical nonwovens disposable market offers significant growth prospects, few hurdles do exist that are likely to pose as a constraint to market growth. The continuing slowdown in the fiber industry on which the nonwovens market is largely dependent could restrain the market from rapidly achieving its potential. The issue of proper comprehension of nonwovens disposable applications in medical industry among consumers in various countries is also likely to influence the market. Countries with low awareness about the product's medical usages would experience low market development, thereby limiting the overall market growth.

More information: Global Industry Analysts, Inc.: 408-528-9966.

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