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Ahlstrom Reorganizes Corporate Team

Published March 19, 2008
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Following the appointment of Risto Anttonen as CEO of Ahlstrom Corporation in February 2008, the company has reorganized the responsibilities of its corporate executive team. The following changes became effective today.

Corporate Purchasing will be transferred from Risto Anttonen to senior vice president Diego Borello, who also continues as senior vice president, innovation and technology. Also, the management of Ahlstrom's sales network in the Asia-Pacific region will be transferred from Risto Anttonen to senior vice president Laura Raitio, who will thus have the responsibility of Ahlstrom's sales network in its entirety. Ms. Raitio will also take over the responsibility of human resources from senior vice president Gustav Adlercreutz.
In another change, Mr. Adlercreutz, senior vice president, administration, general counsel, will take over business development from Ms. Raitio on top of his other duties. Tommi Björnman, senior vice president of the glass nonwovens business area, will take on the responsibility of Ahlstrom's Performance Excellence program in addition to his other tasks.