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Tredegar Revamps Website

February 27, 2008 features new, clean look

Tredegar Film Products has launched a new website at The updated site provides visitors with detailed information about the markets and products in which Tredegar is active in a new, clean look, which provides for easy navigation so that users can access the information they need quickly and efficiently. The site is conveniently segmented into the markets in which Tredegar Film Products is active. Besides being a strong player in the personal care market, Tredegar is also active and innovative in other market segments such as agriculture/landscaping fabrics, apparel, construction/durables, food preservation, home care, medical, packaging, specialty and surface protection.

"We designed the site with both existing and new customers in mind. We have highlighted that Tredegar Film Products is one of the most innovative companies in the industry and can offer a broad range of unique products and services. Visitors to the site will definitely get a feel for the innovation we bring to the marketplace," said Nicole Kesselaer, marketing and global communications manager.

The website features a full overview of Tredegar Film Products and its parent company, Tredegar Corporation. It describes Tredegar’s core competencies and explains Tredegar’s ongoing commitment to innovation. One of the key themes that visitors will experience is Tredegar Film Products' global presence.

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