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Kimberly-Clark Launches Teeth Cleaner

February 20, 2008

DentaBurst cleans, freshens on-the-go.

Kimberly-Clark  is launching DentaBurst freshening teeth cleaners, an effective way to clean teeth and freshen breath on-the-go. Unlike mints or gum, DentaBurst Freshening Teeth Cleaners remove plaque from the surfaces of teeth, leaving them feeling smooth and clean.
A great smile is recognized as a critical health and beauty essential. Like good skin and hair, a great smile is a sign of health and beauty—a seemingly effortless enhancement to your appearance. “But brushing on-the-go is awkward and inconvenient and most gums and mints just mask bad breath and don’t clean your teeth," says Stephanie Earley, market manager for DentaBurst. “DentaBurst invigorates your mouth for a clean, fresh, confident smile anytime, anywhere.”
DentaBurst Freshening Teeth Cleaners is available in mint or cinnamon flavors. An intense burst of flavor freshens breath. Each DentaBurst is individually wrapped and smaller than a credit card to allow busy people a convenient way to clean teeth and freshen breath anytime, anywhere. DentaBurst debuts in a 12-pack with a selection of contemporary package designs to fit an individual's sense of style.
“Generation Y-ers have opportunities everyday to meet new people, make great impressions, and experiment with new things, and they know their appearance makes a difference," says Bruce Williamson, director of marketing for Kimberly-Clark. "In our research, teens and young adults have told us they love DentaBurst for its ability to clean teeth and freshen breath for a confident smile. We believe DentaBurst should be a part of their beauty routine.”
DentaBurst Freshening Teeth Cleaners is currently available nationwide at Target  Stores, CVS /Pharmacy, Walgreen 's, Rite Aid  and many grocery stores.
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