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Fibertex Brings Compoflex to the U.S.

February 6, 2008

Innovative surface fabric ideal for wind turbine, racing and boat building.

Fibertex has introduced its innovative easy-release surface fabrics under the brand name Compoflex in the U.S. The fabrics have already found good use in the wind turbine, racing and boat building industries in Europe and executives now expect it to do the same in the U.S. market.

Compoflex is a new innovative surface fabric product that offers easy release from the laminate without the use of any coatings on the product. The product releases more than five times easier compared to conventional peel ply even after the FRP part is fully hardened. “Compoflex is produced without application of any coatings or additives to the surface, and therefore the surface of the product and also the resulting FRP parts are 100% clean”, said product manager Morten Sorenson. “We have seen massive time savings with regard to peeling times and the fact that Compoflex replaces the peel ply, release film and breather when vacuum bagging, offers significant time handling savings.”

The Compoflex product range offers products especially engineered to almost any variation of the vacuum bagging, infusion and winding processes, replacing up to three products with one. “We see a very good potential for this new product in the U.S. and are confident that it finds good use at many FRP production sites regardless of the process they are using,” said Raymond Miller, Northern Fiberglass sales. “The peeling properties this product offers are incredible, and it just makes the whole FRP production process so much easier.”