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Standex Makes Acquisition

November 21, 2007

Carolina Roll Engravers is a maker of engraved rollers.

Standex Engraving Group has acquired Carolina Roll Engravers, a manufacturing supplier of engraved rollers located in Concord, NC. Carolina Roll Engravers manufactures precision engraved rolls to a wide variety of industries and markets including paper, film, foil, leather, fabric, nonwovens and vinyl. The company’s technical capabilities include sonic bonding rolls, matched steel embossing rolls and single embossing rolls for use in pattern embossing, bonding, coating and laminating applications. All assets of Carolina Roll Engravers, including pattern tool library and engraving machinery will be relocated to Standex Engraving’s Sandston, VA manufacturing facility. Caroline Engravers’ founder and president Dean Truax will stay on with the company as will other employees. “The acquisition of Carolina Roll Engravers matches up well and enhances Standex Engraving’s already strong capabilities,” said Standex Engraving’s President Karl Shaw. “Carolina Roll Engraver’s pattern tool library and engraving machinery will further expand Standex Engraving’s products offering the highest quality pattern roller engravings that are being demanded by our customer base.”