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New Cotton Bleaching Process Unveiled

Published October 2, 2007
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In an effort to make the textile supply chain more environmentally friendly, Innova International recently developed a new concept in continuous bleaching. Tests at Cotton Incorporated indicate that the new procedure reduces the time, energy consumption and chemical impact of conventional bleaching, while yielding comparable results.

“Our testing shows that the Innova process reduces typical bleach processing time by 15-30%; and water consumption by 66-75%,” said Mike Tyndall, managing director, product development and implementation for Cotton Incorporated. “These improvements can be achieved using existing continuous bleaching machinery and require no additional capital expense for implementation.”

Along with the potential for a 70% savings in water consumption, the process reduces the amount of chemistry used in continuous bleaching and, thus, reduces the amount of dissolved solids entering the waste stream. The efficiency gains in the process design denote a decrease in the number of steps needed to bleach fabric. Fewer steps minimize the opportunities for error and off-quality and make the entire process more efficient.