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JM Debuts Suite Of Filtration, Building Products

June 13, 2007

JM is introducing six new products for filtration and building applications at the Techtextil Fair.

Johns Manville (JM), Frankfurt, Germany, a leading manufacturer of premium-quality building and specialty products, is introducing six new products for filtration and building applications at the Techtextil Fair in Frankfurt, Germany this month. Within its filtration product line, JM is launching three new products: CombiFil Premium, SpunFil EasyPleat and Micro-Strand XP.

CombiFil Premium combines the advantages of both polyester spunbond and microglass and provides a filtration product that has consistent mechanical filtration efficiency up to HEPA, low-pressure drop with high dust-holding capacity and requires no additional reinforcements. As a result, it is easy to process and provides an extremely long filter life with low energy usage. It allows filter producers to manufacture pleated filters utilizing new dimensions of high dust-holding capacity combined with high stiffness and low pressure drop.

SpunFil EasyPleat is a calendered polyester spunbond made with John's Manville's new BC-technology. It has high air permeability and features a very high stiffness even at low-area weights of between 60 and 120 gpsm. The product enables high pleating machine speeds while continuing to achieve sharp and precise pleats.

Micro-Strand XP microfiber is a new material for use in manufacturing microglass paper used in HEPA, ULPA and ASHRAE filters. The new glass microfiber meets the rigid health testing standards established by the European Union for fiber exoneration. Made up of fibers that are approximately one micron in diameter, tests have proven that Micro-Strand XP is rapidly cleared from the lungs if accidentally inhaled, making it ideal for even the most stringent of regulatory environments.

Additionally, JM is introducing three new products for building applications market: DuraSpun XTR, a glass thread reinforced spunbond composite providing best-in-class dimensional stability to bituminous waterproofing membranes; Illuma White, a pre-coated glass fiber nonwoven for high-quality ceiling tiles; and the glass fiber nonwoven DHY Forte, an innovative product for impact sound attenuation.

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