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Tail Finder

March 15, 2007

Elsner Engineering Works has developed a tail finder device for its newly introduced Elsner Model ENR-1000 Perforator Rewinder. This tail finder device is designed to ensure that the first sheet of rolled perforated wipes will be offset so the consumer can easily find the leading edge when pulling the first sheet out of the plastic canister. With the introduction of this feature, Elsner continues to enhance its Model ENR-1000 Perforator Rewinder, which was first introduced to the non-woven’s wipes industry in 2003.

F. Rusty Elsner, president and CEO of Elsner said, “We are quite excited to introduce to the industry a reliable way for our customers to insure their consumers can easily find the first sheet for starting a roll of coreless wipes through the lid in a round plastic canister. This has been a problem for many years and we have found a solution; we have applied for a patent for this unique device.”

The tail finder option is available on newly purchased Elsner Model ENR-1000 Perforator Rewinders. Elsner has recently sold seven such systems with this feature installed.

The Elsner Model ENR-1000 Perforator Rewinder is designed to convert coreless rolls of perforated non-woven wipes from many different substrates. Consisting of in line slitters and a turret shafted rewind system the ENR-1000 Rewinder can convert up to 90 finished canister wipes per minute. Fast set-up and smooth operation are just two features the Model ENR-1000 Rewinder that provides for higher productivity.

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