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Colbond Introduces Green Products

January 12, 2007

Colbond, a producer of high-quality synthetic nonwovens, is launching two innovative and environmentally sound primary backings for the carpet manufacturing industry. These two nonwovens, Colback SMR and Colback UMX, will help the industry make significant strides in enhancing the environmental compatibility of tufted floor coverings.

Colback SMR sets new standards for the environmental sustainability of primary backings as the the only nonwoven primary backings in the market today using 100% post-consumer recycled polyester (PET). The PET used in the manufacture of Colback SMR originates from bottle scrap and is sourced locally to minimize the impact of transport on the environment. Following extensive research and development work supported by industry partnerships, Colback SMR has the same characteristics and high performance as traditional Colback product types with the added benefit of helping carpet manufacturers to comply with the increasing demand for recycled content in floor coverings.

Colback UMX, another product of extensive product development work, delivers greater environmental sustainability through more efficient use of virgin raw materials. With Colback UMX70, Colbond extends its nonwoven product range with a high-performance low weight primary backing. This 70g/m² backing is specifically designed to provide the properties needed in basic tuft applications and allows carpet tile manufacturers to choose a primary backing which optimally meets specific manufacturing demands while cutting raw material usage and helping to reduce costs.