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Mogul Expansion Imminent

December 7, 2006

Several expansion projects are coming to fruition at Turkish roll goods producer Mogul. The company will soon add two 1600 mm-wide meltblown lines, each of which boast a 1000 metric ton capacity. With the first line scheduled to come onstream in December-January and the second in February-March, the lines are expected to triple the company’s current capacity. Beyond supporting existing business, Mogul will also use the additional capacity to target new products such wipes, composites and filtration, using different polymers such as PBT (in the PET family), PE and TPU (elastomeric).

In other recent news at Mogul, the company plans to add a welding machine for crop covers, which will allow welding up to 16 meters (five layers). Scheduled to come online this month, the machine will both enable Mogul to add value to its products and strengthen its position in the agricultural market.

Mogul is also investing in an extrusion coating/laminating machine to produce PE/PP coating on fabrics and laminate them with films or with each other. The new system is expected to allow Mogul to make different composite layers with specific barrier properties targeting various markets such as the building industry (housewrap and roofing underlay), medical, protective clothing and packaging.

In the area of coating, Mogul has recently started up a new foam coating line to coat various chemicals on PET or PP 320 cm fabrics. The line can produce stiffened, flame retardant, hydrophilic, water repellent, antistatic, antislip, and aluminum coated materials.

To house its recent investments, Mogul has purchased 23,000 square meters of land, which is 3 km away from its existing plant. The company is about to finish construction of its first building.

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