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JM Adds To Filtration Offerings

November 30, 2006

Johns Manville Engineered Products has introduced three new filtration products that offer added value to the filtration markets and help filter manufacturers expand their product lines and increase sales. “Our global presence, technological know-how and vast selection of filtration products including these three market-leading new products, demonstrate Johns Manville’s strong commitment to innovation,” said Fred Stephan, vice president and general manager, High Performance Nonwovens for JM’s Engineered Products Group.
JM’s Composite Air Media is a composite nonwoven material made of natural and synthetic fibers developed for residential, light commercial and industrial HVAC applications. The media products are currently able to meet MERV 6 and 7 efficiency requirements and are characterized by low pressure drop and consistent mechanical filtration efficiency throughout the expected life of a filter manufactured with the media. Additionally, new media targeting the MERV 8 to 12 ranges are expected to be available in the near future.   
Also being introduced are  PP and PBT meltblown media for liquid and air filtration. These products feature a mean pore size range between 0.2 to 10 microns that can be optimized to meet specific customer requirements for highly selective particle retention. Extremely small pore sizes, together with the narrow pore-size distribution, leads to best-in-class particle retention. The resulting performance allows filters to be extremely efficient in micro and particle filtration.
On the raw material side, is JM’s launch of Biosoluble Glass Microfiber. This new class of glass microfiber features a unique chemical composition and is an ultra-small fiber used in manufacturing HEPA/ULPA-class mechanical filters, biosoluble glass microfiber and ideal for products for manufacturers conforming to ASHRAE standards. Through a patented glass formulation, the microfiber has been designed to meet the EU’s rigorous biosolubility criteria and initial testing results have shown that the material is meeting this goal.

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