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PCC Unveils New Nonwoven

August 18, 2006

Precision Custom Coatings LLC (PCC), Totowa, NJ, has introduced Comfort Stretch thermal bonded nonwovens for interlining applications. Designed to offer stretch, recovery and comfort, stretchable nonwoven style CS85 and CS96 target apparel manufacturers requiring interlinings for stretch areas such as waistbands. PCC’s new products are coated with the manufacturer’s proprietary KF resin, which provides softness along with durability, washability and drycleanability under a range of conditions.
“Precision Custom Coatings has developed a first-of-its-kind, versatile interlining for waistband needs that has the stretch and recovery properties of a true elastic,” said Jay Waxer, vice president of PCC’s apparel division. “Manufacturers using this product will save time and money in production, since extra sewing steps and handling processes will be eliminated, while creating a higher quality fit and a more comfortable garment.”
This technology also allows PCC to customize weights and finishes to suit its customers’ needs. Offered in white and charcoal, the Comfort Stretch interlinings are available in 60-inch widths and can be pre-slit to specified sizes.

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