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Albany, Fleissner To Focus On Patterning

May 30, 2006

Albany International Corp., Albany, NY, a supplier of custom-designed fabrics and sleeves for specialty spunlace nonwovens applications, and Fleissner GmbH of Egelsbach, Germany, a supplier of spunlace manufacturing equipment, are jointly developing and selling new product patterning technology.  Together, the two companies will develop new patterning technologies for spunlace manufacturers to help their customers differentiate their products.

David Peacock, vice president and general manager of Albany`s Engineered Fabrics business, said, “This agreement between Albany International and Fleissner GmbH will assist in the rapid introduction of new patterning technologies for our customers. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with an exceptional OEM such as Fleissner on this recently developed technology and look forward to future developments in this area.”

"Differentiality is the key for our customers to place their products in a competitive market. The cooperation of Fleissner and Albany will create opportunities to speed up the process of customized patterning both during product development as well as continuous production. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Albany to the benefit of our customers," said Jürgen Heller, managing director of Fleissner GmbH.

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