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BBA To Expand Airlaid Business

March 7, 2006

BBA Fiberweb will construct a new airlaid production at its Korma facility near Monza, Italy. The project includes the next  generation of flexible and modular airlaid technology, developed by M&J Fibretech, a division of Neumag, and represents a $20 million investment for BBA.
    “With this project we are taking a decisive step in the direction of variable and  compact airlaid plants and it shows us that our nonwovens strategy is on the right  track,” said Dr. Voigtlander, CEO of Neumag.
    "(The new line) is another important step for us in developing a global strategy and presence in this growing specialist market," said Daniel Dayan, CEO of Fiberweb. "Fiberweb already operates  a premier airlaid manufacturing facility in Asia and this new European investment will allow us to offer outstanding service, quality and flexibility to our customers on another continent.  Synergies between the two manufacturing sites will significantly support the success of the Italian invesmtent."
    BBA Fiberweb currently operates an M&J line in Tianjin, China, which came onstream in 2002.

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