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K-C Makes Cottonelle For Kids

February 23, 2006

Kimberly-Clark has introduced the Cottonelle for Kids product line, the first-ever combined dry bath tissue and moist wipes system designed to help parents teach their 4-to-9-year-olds good bathroom and hygiene habits. The new system extends the Cottonelle line and will help children learn the proper amount of bath tissue and moist wipes to use after going to the bathroom.
    Through the use of fun, kid-friendly graphics such as the brand’s iconic yellow Labrador puppy and an easy-to-use pop-up tub, the Cottonelle for Kids system is designed to make teaching small children good hygiene habits easy.
    The Cottonelle for Kids bath tissue has “show-me-where-to-tear” graphics that help kids easily use the right amount of tissue. Available in six thematic puppy designs, the bath tissue has small printed paw prints on each roll, which leads kids to an image of the Cottonelle puppy on every fifth sheet of tissue.
    Cottonelle for Kids Flushable Moist Wipes offer a one-wipe-at-a-time dispensing system, making it easy for youngsters to handle on their own and helping ensure they use the right amount of sheets. The flushable moist wipes have a fresh watermelon scent and are available in a 42-sheet tub, and 84-sheet refill package.
    The Cottonelle for Kids system grew out of Kimberly-Clark’s extensive consumer research, which found that child perineal hygiene is a significant area of concern for parents. Of the more than 600 parents who participated in K-C’s research, almost 60 percent said their 4-to-9 year olds use too much bath tissue and moist wipes when going to the bathroom.
    The Cottonelle for Kids products will begin appearing on retail shelves in the U.S. this month. Both the dry bath tissue and flushable moist wipes will be offered together for a limited time in a trial kit, enabling parents and kids to see how the two products can be used as a system to achieve the best results. Suggested retail pricing for the bath tissue is $3.19 for the 4-pack, $4.49 for the 6-pack, and $7.99 for the 12-pack. For the flushable moist wipes, suggested retail pricing is $2.79 for the tub and $3.89 for the refill package.

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