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JM Announces New Construction Products

January 11, 2006

Johns Manville's Engineered Products Group, has responded to builders’ needs to build better homes with two new products—
Gorilla Wrap, a translucent, non-perforated housewrap and DuraBase, an asphalt and nonwoven polyester roofing underlayment.  
    Gorilla Wrap decreases air infiltration resulting in increased energy efficiency and maximum moisture control.  Gorilla Wrap's superior strength, with a tear resistance that is 300% higher than the leading housewrap, reduces builder concern during installation and makes it one of the most durable housewrap products on the market. Unlike most housewraps on the market, Gorilla Wrap is non-perforated, reducing the potential for bulk water penetration and allowing trapped moisture to escape, thus reducing concerns about mold and mildew growth. In addition, the non-perforated material keeps wood sheathing drier, reducing the potential for rot and degradation within the wall cavity.
    Meanwhile, the unique composition of JM’s new DuraBase  roofing underlayment employs the proven technology of asphalt with a new high-performance nonwoven polyester reinforcement.
    "Since JM is the only manufacturer with the ability to produce this
combination of asphalt and nonwoven polyester, we can offer builders and contractors this innovative product that provides the performance of synthetics with the benefits and value of felt, while also providing the industry's most efficient installation process," said Zain Mahmood, vice president and general manager, Construction Materials & Systems for JM's Engineered Products Group.
    The durability of the material enables DuraBase to hold nails better and provides greater tear strength and puncture resistance than synthetics or felt. It also offers greater waterproofing performance and better protection as it also seals around nails.  DuraBase's enhanced ultraviolet resistance allows longer exposure to the sun (up to six months) without performance deterioration.”

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